You Can do It too, Take the Steps!

The first time I was face to face with CKD eating, I looked like a deer caught in the headlights. No amount of information I read helped, and I had nobody to turn to for clarity or assistance.

The dietician simply gave us my hubby’s restriction numbers and tossed us on our ass cos we said no to her constant suggestion of letting her create a meal plan (which we couldn’t afford).

So, that lit a raging fire under my rear to figure it all out on my own. Five, yes FIVE years later, I emerged with a system, AND realized how stupid easy it was to create a meal plan ourselves.

That system has kept my hubby’s GFR stable all these years. From 32 at diagnosis to 36 now… not too shabby, right? at least it isn’t going the opposite direction and spiraling toward dialysis! (have you read the horrifying statistics on dialysis??)

This same process can be easily learned. Yep, you can do it too!

Now, please know, I’m not going to make any guarantees. I can give you all the steps, but you have to actually take those steps, right?

There’s so much old, outdated, simplified, and bullshit information out there. You do not want to get caught up in it.

See, those meal plans, those “cures”, “reverses”, “heals” … are all set up to take your money.

Most of the information you are finding is worthless and conflicting.

  • Which is where The How to Eat for CKD Method™ comes in. When other sources are supplying conflicting, incomplete, and false info, I am supplying you with the truths, the real answers, and a way to customize a kidney diet yourself, that you can enjoy and manage for life.

Even better? Lifetime support and free online classes for those that purchase the book.

My point is that the kidney diet is extremely manageable, no matter your situation, no matter what other health issues you have. There’s a process to learn, and that’s exactly what you’ve been searching for, right?  And, if you’re someone who’s committed to avoiding dialysis and being around for a long time to come, well…it’s at least worth looking into, don’t you think?

Here’s the truth:

you don’t need to waste money on a dietician or nutritionist when you can easily set up and manage your own meal plan (I am going to show you how!)

You don’t need to search for food lists in hopes of adding more variety or praying that just once tomatoes will show up on the “it’s okay to use them” list (I show you how to incorporate them!)

you don’t ever need to waste time half-assing it and looking for more answers (I give you every single thing you need!)

Ya talk (or think) about seeing a nutritionist to help you, right?

Um…. Hi! I AM one. (and a chef too!) And I am cheaper than repeated nutritionist visits to boot.

If any of this has piqued your interest, I’d really encourage you to take a look. It might be kind of nice to actually love what you eat and know 100% that it is safe, don’t you think?

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