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Hello World!

Toss all the BS you hold in your hands right now… … Cos I am here to blow the doors wide open on CKD eating. Hi, I’m Linda Blaylock,

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Free CKD Myth Busting

CKD Myths… Busted!

So much confusion and so many myths surrounding the kidney diet. Get the truths

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CKD Holiday Eating Guide

Holiday Eating!

Wondering what you can eat during the holidays when you have CKD?

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Food Expiration Realities

We hate to waste money and food, right? Did you know that the food expiration labeling is not regulated or monitored? It’s simply something the

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You’re too smart to fall for it

Please STOP believing the BS that… >You have to avoid foods or food groups >Those meal plans will work for you >Miracle /ancient cures

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There’s a lot of bullsh!t out there!

“Ancient remedies”, “new science”, “miracle cure”, “heal”, “reverse” … you’ve seen these things and they probably sound good

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You Can do It too, Take the Steps!

The first time I was face to face with CKD eating, I looked like a deer caught in the headlights. No amount of information I read helped, and I had

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Let’s play a little game called WHAT IF

What if you would’ve had all the information that you needed right away to manage your CKD diet? What would things be like

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This is why I LOVE to help people with their kidney diet

I just had someone message me with this: “My doctor was so happy today; I’ve never seen him that happy! I did what you told me when you told me

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I thought this might be too harsh to say but, I hafta.

I keep hearing people talk about what they can't eat with CKD. It's all a lie!! I thought this might be too harsh to say but, I

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I was having a conversation with a new client…

they said something that struck me… “With all the information available, I am more confused than ever. Everything tells me something different,

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What Can I Eat?

Figuring out what to eat for CKD isn't easy. But it can actually be better than you were eating

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