Have other health issues with their own dietary demands?

Here is what you can do.

Have your food lists at the ready for CKD.

Then, find food lists for your other health issues showing you what you can eat.

Now, go through and highlight, on the CKD sheets, all the foods that are acceptable for your other conditions. If something conflicts, cross it off.

Then take note of the highlighted foods in all the lower nutrient columns on the CKD sheets.

These will be your most frequently used foods to work with.

The highlighted foods in the moderate columns are ones you can work with occasionally.

The ones highlighted in the high columns; you will want to work with sparingly.

Basically, you are going to weed out what you can or cannot use, then zoom in on the best options. 

When you are ready to learn how to start incorporating more of the higher nutrient items, jump into the Pro course/Core Method book and learn how to add variety and flip recipes to fit your needs!

The more extensive your food lists, the more variety you will be able to incorporate into your meals.

If you are looking for extensive food lists that cover everything from fruits and veggies, to leaveners, gums & binders, you will find them in the Basics Essentials (Basics) section of the online program, in Book One: The Basic Essentials.

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For the love of kidneys,

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