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Hi, I’m Linda Blaylock, Nutritionist, Chef, Kidney Health Coach, Queen of CKD eating, and the creator of The How to Eat for CKD Method™

Yes, I’m the Queen of CKD eating, and I know how to rock this when it comes to picking your a$$ up off the floor after the professionals drop you, when the old, outdated information fails you, and the conflicting, this-sh1t-doesn’t-make-any-sense confusion slaps you in the face.

I am on a mission, people. A mission to teach the CKD community exactly how to eat within their dietary restrictions and preferences successfully and easily, for life. 

How to enjoy and REAL CKD Eating!™

Finally. It’s been a long time struggling and waiting for those answers that the professionals just can’t provide. This help is sorely needed, and I am here to deliver. Watching my husband’s labs remain stable all these years means we know what we are doing, we believe in it, and we know it’s going to work for you.

“I have no idea what to eat.”

“I am sick of conflicting information.”

“I need help but have no clue where to get it. “

“I am not giving up my favorite foods and meals.”

“It’s tooooo hard to figure out and follow.”

If anything on this list screams “Get outta my head! Have you been eavesdropping?” then we are absolutely in alignment, and you should consider yourself a How to Eat for CKD family member for life.

I believe that you can easily learn how to make those dietary changes.

If you have the commitment to learn it, you can do it.

I believe the real reason you haven’t been able to figure out this demanding and complicated diet is because the information available to you with a search online is only giving you old, outdated, and simplified information. There’s a complete process and a ton of information not given to you because it’s not a quick, one-pager of information to explain it. They dumb it down for you, just tell you not to eat a ton of foods or entire food groups, then toss their hands in the air and say, “it’s not my problem.”

The process, the information that they don’t want to explain is available. It’s available cos I’m the only one with the ba11s to come forward and take the time to show it to you. You deserve it. 

They tell you that you have a fatal (Yes, it’s fatal) disease, then toss you on your rump to figure out how to save your own life. Thanks for the sore a$$!

Let’s face it, you’re on your own.

But I can help you. I can show you REAL CKD Eating™.

Look, I’m not feeding you lines or riling up your feathers here about me blowing open those doors. 

You want to know what’s happening?

Read the numerous testimonials on this site!

The How to Eat for CKD Method™ program is your ticket to flipping a finger to those that should help, but don’t (that’s just pure satisfaction), and getting the real and clear answers you need to make those complicated dietary changes for life.

I am committed to helping you learn the easy process, to support you every step of the way, to be available when you need me, and most importantly, handing you everything you need to live your best (and easiest) CKD life.

You will not find anything like this anywhere else. I’m not going to have you wading through BS and trying to decode and untangle things to arrive at a questionable answer.

I’m giving it to you straight. 100% REAL. Who has time to waste??

Not sure about this? Don’t believe me?

Go ahead and look, I’ll wait.

Ya done? Thought so.

Now, if you’re missing key elements and info to make your kidney diet crazy easy, here’s what you can do; head up to those three items I mentioned above and get those taken care of.

Then you’re in, and it’s time to simplify things for you, it’s time to GET REAL about CKD eating.

For the love of kidneys,

Linda, your CKD Queen Bee

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