I thought this might be too harsh to say but, I hafta.

I keep hearing people talking about all these foods they cannot have.

So, here it is…

Do you know why you are being told to avoid certain foods?

Because the professionals, the industry, all think we aren’t smart enough to manage our kidney diet. They think we are too lazy to put in the effort required to save our kidneys.

Does that make you angry? It made me angry!

I’ve heard one of these sentences below, uttered by a professional. Really!
They don’t feel we are smart enough to monitor our own intake, to investigate foods, or to take time to understand how to safely incorporate those foods into our kidney diets.


    • “Just tell them to avoid these things cos they won’t take the time to learn how to use them safely.”

    • “Just give them some recipes cos they don’t want to bother learning anything more.”

    • “They will learn to live without certain foods and eventually they will accept it. They need to, or they will end up damaging their kidneys, and hey, it’s not my problem, it’s theirs.”

    • “I told them what they need to do, it’s up to them to figure it out.”

    • “Don’t show them how to do it themselves cos then they won’t need us. Just offer them some meal plans instead.”

    • “I give them a meal plan; if they don’t like it, if they don’t follow it, that’s their problem. They can always come back and have me make more changes to it for them.”

Look, all that money you are paying someone to create a meal plan for you (if you can even afford it!), all that money you are paying for follow up visits, all that money you are going to pay out each time you need to adjust said meal plan, it’s a complete waste, and it is what they are counting on.

The reality is, that a meal plan can easily be created yourself. It’s not hard to do!

When we started out, I compiled all these lists of foods we were told/read we had to avoid.

Being a chef, I said “oh, hell no!”

Your kidneys are not going to suddenly explode if you eat sausage, right?

You won’t be transported to a hospital or move straight to dialysis if you have spaghetti, right?

You know what that means? It means you CAN have those foods, as long as you CKD-ify™ them.

I knew this. I knew there had to be a way to still have those foods, and I knew I only needed to figure out how to tweak it and make it work.

I promise you, you do not have to avoid all those foods!

You aren’t dumb.

You aren’t lazy.

You are being kept in the dark about the realities of your own self-reliance.

The only thing…. The only thing you are missing is the information walking you through on how to do it yourself.

>> They are not going to give that to you.

>> They don’t want to show you this process cos then you won’t rely on them.

>> They don’t believe you can manage this yourself.

>> They do believe, and count on you being unwilling to take a hot minute to make your health a priority and learn the process yourself.

What IS blowing out your kidneys is your reliance on recipes that are not fitting into your specific nutritional needs, your numerous cheat days, your unwillingness to modify your diet, and you doing exactly what they want: buying into the BS and following the herd.

When you grab the reigns and take control, you are going to enjoy all your favorite foods again. You are going to enjoy a large amount of variety, probably more than you had before, and you are going to kick yourself for not having done this sooner.

I want to, and I can help you prove them wrong.

I want you to go into your next appointment and when they say your labs look great, how are things going? What are you eating?

You can say, sausages, lasagna, enchiladas, corned beef….

You can giggle when their eyes get really big, then you can say “CKD-ified”™

Then you will hear the same thing we did “I wish all my patients could be like you.”

Now is the time. Puhleeze stop believing the crap telling you that you cannot have certain foods.

OMG, it just isn’t true!

I can show you how.

For the love of kidneys,

Linda, Your CKD Queen


PS. Ya know that sentence I told you I heard muttered? Guess which one it was. Guess….

Okay, okay, the answer is: all of them.

Yer a little bit pissed off now, aren’t ya?

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