I was having a conversation with a new client…

they said something that struck me…

“With all the information available, I am more confused than ever. Everything tells me something different, and I really hate that I have to give up so many of my favorite foods. I need to know what’s right and how to do this…

 I don’t want to die.”

She was right. I vividly remember feeling that exact same way when I spent the entirety of three days taking notes and trying to learn everything I could, then walking away with my head spinning and still not knowing WHAT was right and HOW to make those changes.

Between the numerous pages of notes, the conflicting information, and the foods we were supposed to avoid, I felt like there wasn’t much left for us to safely eat and I had NO idea how much of it we could have.

It was the most helpless feeling.

So, I am going to give you the same advice that I gave her…


    • First, never believe the conflicting information (it’s outdated)


        • never trust the random answers you get when searching online (it’s inconsistent)

        • never believe that a kidney-friendly recipe is safe for you to eat


            • They are more of a base idea that needs to be adapted to your needs.


                • Stage 5 will never eat the same recipe as a stage 2!

    • Next, unless you have an allergy or a health condition that requires you to avoid or limit foods (like carbs), don’t believe it


        • Never, ever believe that you must stick to a small or limited number of foods


            • The variety available to you is enormous

    • You must know your daily restriction amounts, how to break them down, leave room for snacks, and know how to adjust them when you have an out of the ordinary meal / day

    • Next, it is absolutely imperative that you know how to safely make changes to those recipes you are using


        • You must understand how to balance your ingredients, so your meal falls within your nutritional window.


            • Everyone’s nutritional window is different.

    • You must know how to decode labels, find the missing nutrition, and know how to do all the math that will be needed.


        • Understanding those red-flag ingredients and what general safe guidelines to look for on labels so you know you are purchasing products that are safe to use is key

    • Lastly, you must utilize cooking and seasoning techniques to compensate for the reduced sodium and ingredient changes


        • Swapping ingredients in recipes to lower potassium, phosphorus, etc. means that you will have to adjust your cooking order and/or technique to bring about best flavors and textures.

        • Knowing how to season without salt, knowing how and when to add those seasonings will completely change (and improve!) the flavor of the meal.


            • It is actually quite important to include the cooking element to make the kidney diet amazing.

These are the biggest hurdles. These are the mysteries you absolutely must solve in order to assure you are working your diet safely and enjoying it.

When you have this information, things line up and fall in place. The kidney diet becomes much easier and is no longer overwhelming, confusing, stressing, or life consuming.

The PROBLEM is that you don’t have the information…

Inside my program, you are going to get all the information, all the steps, all the tools and process’ needed to simplify the crap out of the kidney diet and set it all up to fit your specific needs. We are going to work through it all together to ensure your success.

If it all sounds like too much to figure out, let me guide you and show you how easy CKD eating can be.

For the love of kidneys,

Linda, Your CKD Queen

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