Importance of those nutrients

What if you had a better understanding of those nutrients, wouldn’t you feel more empowered?

What if you understood the effects of those nutrients, would that motivate you to be more vigilant about adhering to your nutritional needs?

It helped us greatly to understand the effects of balancing those nutrients so we could delay any possible additional health issues arising, and unnecessarily restricting our already limited diet any further.

It helped us to understand why we needed to maximize our nutrition with every meal, and it helped us see the variety available to us, and just how many more foods we could work back into our diet.

Having that information means making better choices, more variety, being informed of the effects and connecting the dots if you are having symptoms.

You will feel more confident about your kidney diet, understanding why you need to maximize your nutrition, and motivation to hit your personal nutritional window.

It means taking the first step in mastering your kidney diet and enjoying it again.

If you want the full 411, plus the handy, dandy Salt table showing you your max grams or teaspoons per day, based on your daily limitations, you can head to my site and download the complete mini course today!

If you are ready, download the free basic .pdf.

For the love of kidneys,

Linda, your CKD Queen

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