Let’s play a little game called WHAT IF

You know… what if I won the lottery, what would I do?

What if you would’ve had all the information that you needed right away? What would things be like today?

What if getting that diagnosis came with a class, a book, or coaching, showing you exactly how to manage this disease? How much fear would have been removed? How much time saved?

What if you had someone that you could rely on to ask questions and instantly get the answers? How much easier would things be?

For many people the answer to these questions would be something like:

“I wouldn’t be on dialysis now.”

“I wouldn’t freak out about eating.”

“I would be able to stick to the diet.”


“He wouldn’t have died.”

I’m not saying that last one to be dramatic. I added that in there because it is exactly what happened to a wonderful lady I had been speaking with. Sadly, she hadn’t found me until things were so bad that there was simply no way back. Her husband died less than a month later.

I wept for him, for her. I KNEW I could have helped but the timing wasn’t there.

How’s your timing?

Look, I can tell you all day long how freaking fantastic it is to CKD-ify™ meals, make them crazy tasty, and how you can eat your favorite foods, etc. you’ve heard me talk about it.

I get very excited about showing people how to make their kidney diet amazing, but the little reality that is lurking behind it all, is the slowing or stopping of the progression of this fatal disease. Right?

What we are really after is stopping that progression, so we don’t end up on dialysis, or dying.

Are you slowing or stopping that progression?

What if you are missing a key component to making things work, and don’t realize that you are still damaging your kidneys further?

I know this sounds like a line, right?

But I mention it because the number of people I talk to, or that are posting online, are all shouting “this is what I do”, “do this”, “don’t do that” … and ya know what?


I shake my head and my heart hurts, and honestly, I can’t keep up with jumping in and giving the correct information to all these people.

Yep, sit there and say it isn’t you but, I guarantee, it is!

The ones that think they have it figured out are the ones that are doing it even more wrong than everyone else.

Even if your GFR seems stable or improving, that’s a tricky thing to rely on.

The reality is, your GFR might be okay but other labs may be showing differently. There may be other signs of the progression, like swelling, to indicate that something still isn’t okay.

At some point, things will take a rapid turn and you will be standing there asking how and why.

“I’ve been doing everything right”, “My GFR was doing great”, yet things suddenly aren’t so great.

Now you are told you have another health issue to deal with on top of CKD.

It happens all too often.

Now things have become even more difficult.

In the back of your mind, you are thinking there must be something I missed or did wrong for this to have happened.

But what was it?

Now, you’re back to digging and searching, and dealing with a new level of frustration.

So, let’s play What If again…

What if you had all the information that you need right now to ensure you don’t miss anything, that you are doing everything right?

What if there was a class, a book, or coaching, showing you exactly how to successfully manage this disease?

How much fear would be removed? How much time saved? How many further health issues could you prevent arising?

What if you had someone that you could rely on to ask questions and instantly get the answers?

How much easier would things be?

How much better would you feel about it all?

If you want to be 100% sure you are doing everything right to slow or stop that progression, to head off any new health issues arising, to avoid needing dialysis, to avoid death…

If you never want to be that person who says I waited too long…

Then you are the person I want to help most.

Read through the information on my site, then decide in what capacity you would like to work with me so I can give you everything you need, including that super important lifetime support.

No more What if’s

We talked about timing, that time is now, isn’t it?

For the love of kidneys,

Linda, Your CKD Queen

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