CKDelicious Cookbook Cover


This is what kidney friendly meals SHOULD taste like.

REAL CKD Eating™!

This book of luscious recipes is going to show you how amazing CKD meals can be.

I use my top chef tips and tricks (which are supplied to you in the program) to elevate meals to mouthwatering, big portioned, flavorful dishes. 

You won’t miss the salt!

If you are ready to have those favorite foods again, you will!

Not only do I supply a variety of meals that are lower carb, gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian, but nearly all recipes contain instructions to flip them to fit any needs.

If you like that vegan recipe but want to use beef, you can. If you like that recipe but want to make it lower carb, vegan, or gluten free, I give you the tips to do it!

Plus, those in the program can use these recipes to CKD-ify™ them to fit their specific nutritional needs.

Over 100 recipes!

See more photos on my Instagram page!

Many of these luscious recipes are in CKDelicious!™

Others will be in the next book!

If you have a request for a recipe to be CKD-ified and want to see it in my next cookbook, please send the recipe to

If you submit a recipe and it is included in the book, you will receive a free copy when it is published!

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