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The How to Eat for CKD Method™ is a proven, highly-adaptable, and systematic process where we guide and support you, while taking the steps to build a safe and easy kidney diet that is tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

Here’s some of those annoying and frustrating things we are going to get cleared up for you…

Online Classes


Online Program - work at your own pace

Start with The Basic Essentials, then move on to become a PRO.

The Basic Essentials is where an extensive and solid foundation of information is provided, including but not limited to extensive and comprehensive categorized food lists so patients can enjoy a much larger variety of foods.

The Core Method, has them build on that foundation by learning the steps to implement those confusing dietary changes. The uniqueness of the program is that patients are guided on building a personalized kidney diet meal plan and lifestyle. They will emerge with a collection of recipes set to their specific nutritional requirements and preferences which are based on the many aspects that influence said needs.

This also includes those alternative diets such as vegan, lower carb, gluten free, vegetarian, and dairy free, as well as their other health issues, medications, lifestyle, food allergens and dislikes, etc.

The online program is the same information contained in the books.
Please see the Program Books page for more in depth information.

The Online Program includes links to all videos, products, information, and source materials. No books are supplied.

This is for those that feel much more comfortable online, and can download and save the wealth of reference materials.

Free support calls are available once you reach the PRO section, and continue for one year.

There are accompanying support groups for each session with weekly check-in meetings to ensure your success.


Are you 65+, on SSI or Disability? Contact us for Special Pricing.

If you are looking to get a quick handle on your kidney diet, get the

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