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Book One: The Basic Essentials


  • About the major nutrient players in CKD
  • General nutrient guidelines
  • Tips to lower creatinine, cos we get asked this a lot!
  • All the various food groups, and many more
  • How to use the comprehensive, categorized food reference sheets for quick and easy food choices and substitutions.
  • Insider tips and information.
  • The best resources to find accurate nutritional information.
  • How to swap out ingredients quickly and easily.
  • How to create a personal substitute food list for quick, safe, and reliable ingredient swaps.
  • New and different food options not previously considered.
  • How to work the method for Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Lower Carb, and Non-dairy too.
  • Bonus materials on additional health concerns like keeping blood sugar up, gout, and more.
  • Access to Assistance calls and the book appropriate support group with weekly check-in meetings to get your questions answered.
  • Bonus recipes throughout!
  • You will not find such a complete and extensive collection of food lists anywhere else.
  • Let’s put it this way… this book is quite near 300 pages, all showing you what is safe to eat for CKD, and makes everything clear and easy.
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Book Two: The Core Method


  • How to combine all dietary requirements stemming from other health issues.
  • How to calculate nutrients and find missing nutrient amounts.
  • Decoding nutrition labels and what ingredients to look for (plus simplified guideline numbers to follow).
  • How to calculate your personalized base guideline meal and snack numbers, guaranteeing you leave room for those snacks and desserts.
  • How to shift those numbers and adjust meals when you’re outside of your normal routine, like a family gathering or holidays.
  • How to easily and accurately menu plan and how to eliminate the daily food tracking.
  • Bonus cheat sheet grocery list!
  • How to find the best products for CKD, and blow that “cooking from scratch” myth out of the water.
  • How to find the best products, where to look, who to ask, and how to do it all super sleek-y like.
  • Bonus culinary info with an entire unit on seasoning, to help elevate flavors and textures for more enjoyment of meals. No more reliance on salt.
  • How to use up leftover ingredients or meals, storage tips, and food safety.
  • How to be prepared for those days when cooking just isn’t happening.
  • how to manage holidays, dining out, fast foods, and eating on the go.
  • Access to Assistance calls and the book appropriate support group with weekly check-in meetings.


You will get all of this too!
  • Top favorite bonus recipes and bundles that I created while working with American Kidney Fund®
  • My personal favorite recipes sprinkled throughout the program
  • Lifetime support
  • Access to additional invaluable resources
  • A wealth of little know and hard to find insider info to remove the stresses of eating for CKD
  • The process to adapt any recipe so they are tailored to your needs, guaranteeing they are safe for your kidneys
  • Hope and confidence
  • Easy, and stress-free kidney friendly eating
  • Goodbye to confusion and frustration
  • Make lasting, life-long changes to help slow or stop that progression

Let’s build your Personalized new kidney lifestyle together.

If you are looking to get a quick handle on your CKD diet, you can grab the

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“My new CKD book came in the mail today! I asked mom if she could order it on Amazon. It’s not a recipe book, per se, but it teaches you in a non-clinical way how to and what to eat; and it does have recipes for meals and sauces. 

It breaks down the categories of food in regards to all the big ones like protein, phosphorus, potassium, and salt, etc. It’s based on stage 3 CKD since it’s most prevalent in society, but can be modified for patients off and on dialysis. It goes through all the information with humor and will be interesting to read. It’s FULL of over 250 pages of in-depth information, charts, and formulas, etc. So it’s worth the price.”


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Did you know?

Your nutritional needs will be determined by what stage you are in.

The majority of info and recipes available are geared for Stage 3 (the largest group).

This means, if you are not in stage 3, adjustments to those recipes you are using must be made.

If you are in stage 3, there is a very wide nutritional gap. Those in lower stage 3b cannot eat the same as those in upper stage 3a.

Adjustments must be made.

Under or Over consuming those nutrients will lead to other health issues or progression.

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Updates to the book and program contents may be made. 

If so, the updates are posted within the specific support group. It is your responsibility to check in and make sure you have downloaded them.

Helping you build a personalized meal plan set to your specific needs.

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