There’s a lot of bullsh!t out there!

“Ancient remedies”, “new science”, “miracle cure”, “heal”, “reverse” … you’ve seen these things and they probably sound good and gave you hope, right?

You want to believe it’s real… it’s NOT. NOT. NOT!

Ya know what I see? Bull shit. Pure, stinky, bull shit, and it pisses me off.

All gimmicks to take your money and harm your kidneys.

You are smart, you aren’t one to fall for crap, yet you want so badly to believe there is a cure that you are shoveling the shit in and eating it up faster than those kids set loose in Wonka’s factory.

C’mon. you’re better than this.

Sorry, I have to be blunt cos you are wasting your precious kidney time.

The real answer is learning to eat for your specific needs. That’s it.

I am not offering you a gimmick. I won’t feed you BS.

Instead, I want to show you how easy it is to manage your CKD diet yourself.

This is you learning how to safely tweak recipes, so you maximize your nutrition, enjoy your meals, and work toward making your kidney diet crazy easy to deal with, and love it for life.

Here’s a hyper extensive list of foods, here’s the process to customize your own meal plan, and every Tuesday and Thursday are the days we are going to meet and walk through the information together.

Here’s your chance to help slow or pause the progression.

No gimmick, no crap, no harmful pills, supplements, or drinks, no harmful, shitty meal plan.

Just a real, honest, proven method to CKD eating success.

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