This is why I LOVE to help people with their kidney diet

I just had someone message me with this:

“My doctor was so happy today; I’ve never seen him that happy! I did what you told me when you told me to. I still can eat my favorite foods and my eGFR number went up, my potassium and cholesterol are good, and my A1C went down to normal. I am so happy! I told him I had some help and gave him your name. Thank you!”

This makes my heart sing. When people take their kidney health seriously, follow the same process we’ve used to keep my hubby’s numbers stable, and enjoy the fact that they are still having their favorite foods, is the goal for my program.

Now, I gotta tell ya, I celebrate immensely when people get these results because there are some that enrolled in my program but, for whatever reason, did not take the time to learn it and implement it, and guess what? Yep, they are now on dialysis. I see this happening more than I would like. However, I cannot be there in person to hold their hand.

This is why it is so important to have support, to get your questions answered, to have the clarity and guidance you need. This is why I have my differing levels of support groups; this is why I offer lifetime support, and 1:1 support calls. Because I know you are going to need to reach out with questions, I know you will need support to keep on track, and because I know the end result for you is an amazing kidney diet.

I did not have any of these things while figuring out CKD eating. I had me and my obsessive I-am-going-to-figure-it-out-if-it-kills-me determination.

Because of that, I am here today to help others. Because of that, I am crazy celebrating with this person and the results they’ve gotten.

Anytime you are ready, I can help you too!

I look forward to celebrating with you.

For the love of kidneys,

Linda, Your CKD Queen

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