What are the right foods for CKD?

Here’s the thing, no food is “good” or “bad” for CKD. 

You only need to know how to balance the ingredients and understand how much you can use alone or in combinations.

There is such a huge variety of foods out there that can be used!

My point is, I don’t want you to believe that you are trapped into only using certain foods, or you have to give up your favorites. 

You only need to learn how to work with them and I want to help you do that. 

Think of it like this… take all the ingredients for your meal, place them on a scale with your nutritional window showing. If there’s too much potassium, remove something. If the phosphorus is low, replace that item you removed with something phosphorus-y. Drop the salt down, and make sure any other nutrients you must track fall right in your limits. You are simply removing, adding, or adjusting ingredients until you hit your window.

It may sound confusing or intimidating, or heck, like too much work, but I promise, if you are shown how to do this, it becomes second nature.

You can enjoy foods, variety, and eating with CKD. 

You can easily set up your nutritional window and balance those ingredients, to assure you are eating your maximum nutrition and enjoying your favorite foods.

Isn’t that what you want too?

For the love of kidneys,

Linda, your CKD Queen

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