What Can I Eat?

You ARE eating, cos you hafta eat, right?

So, are you settling for bland and boring foods? 

Or maybe you are sick of the same foods repeatedly, and hate limiting what you can eat.

Maybe you want to make changes but aren’t sure how, and you aren’t willing to take any risks.

You miss having those “no-no” foods, especially when they are staple ingredients, like tomatoes. 

Maybe you’ve managed to piece together a diet that works for you but, you keep thinking the trapping thoughts of “It’s what I have to do”, “I have to learn to live with it”, “I miss xx, or xx”, or “I am just going to have to get used to it.” 

We’ve been there! I wasn’t willing to settle. I wasn’t willing to watch my hubby lose all enjoyment in eating. I knew I had to figure this out.

And I did.

We need to move you past those trapping thoughts. That belief that things will never be as easy or tasty as they were pre-CKD.

Guess what? It can actually be better. 

· When we zoom in on your top food options, you will know what to eat often, what foods you can safely add in, and which to use occasionally.

· When you know the large number of foods really available to you, you can enjoy more variety, and begin to understand how to work with them, and even include your favorites AND those staple ingredients again.

· When you know what seasonings to work with, you can add big, bold flavor.

· When you have all this foodie information in one place, you are going to know what you can safely eat.

· When you have the information, those trapped beliefs turn into excitement statements. Excitement about eating again.

“I can live with this!”, “I love this!” 

Is what you will be saying instead.

Are you ready for me to share all the foodie info with you so you can love your kidney diet?

For the love of kidneys,

Linda, your CKD Queen

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