You’re too smart to fall for it

Please STOP believing the BS that…

>You have to avoid foods or food groups

>Those meal plans will work for you

>Miracle /ancient cures remedies, pills, supplements, or drinks will heal, restore, cure, fix etc. your kidneys

>That you are actually going to do that yoga or meditation they claim fixes your kidneys (HA!!!)

>That you are really going to stick to that ultra strict diet that worked for someone else

>or my new favorite… heal your gut and it will heal your kidneys. (please excuse me as I laugh my ass off)

NONE of these are worth your time, energy, or your remaining kidney function.

The cold hard truth is that you simply MUST learn how to eat based on your unique needs, to keep your nutrition maximized but within your restrictions.


That’s it.

I know you’ve heard me say it before, but it needs repeating, often.

I understand the desire to find answer, to find hope, and be the first person to experience the miracle of their kidneys healing so they can go back to “regular” life.

It. Won’t. happen.

You’ve tried implementing other diets before. You’ve made changes to lose weight or other health issues, or just eat healthier.

This is no different. Instead of me handing you the rules and food lists to something like the Atkins or Mediterranean diet, I am giving you the info for a CKD diet.

The crazy thing is it is not difficult to do.

?? Aren’t you tired of wasting time? Being unsure? Frustrated? Confused? Sick and tired of not being able to make sense of it all?

Then why not get help from someone that’s figured it out and lives it?

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