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Why do I charge?

June 15, 20242 min read

Great question. I do get asked this sometimes.

Here is why:

I dedicated five years of my life to understanding CKD eating, and now I'm committed to sharing that knowledge with anyone who wants it—because not everyone does. During those years, I had no income. My husband and I made the choice to live at our bare minimum, often struggling, so we could bring this program forward.

Think of it this way: doctors and dietitians charge for their time and expertise. Similarly, I charge for my service and knowledge, but with a difference. I'm not offering a temporary fix or a meal plan that keeps you coming back when changes are needed, or you’re bored and want something new.

I'm offering a solution—a way for you to easily create your own meal plan tailored to your specific needs, based on the information it took me five years to uncover. I walk through the very process that has kept my husband’s eGFR stable all these years while still enjoying an immense variety of foods.

Imagine there's an amazing new medication for an illness. You'd go to your doctor, get the prescription, and pay for it, right? My program is like that, but at a single price. You gain total control of your kidney diet and access to lifelong support. Try getting that from a doctor or dietitian!

Some colleagues say I'm too generous with my information and that I should charge more. But I know how vital this information is for those who need it. I'm not in this to make a fortune; I charge for the services I provide, publishing costs, and to cover the high expenses of bringing this program to you. Most importantly, I want to spare others the years of struggling I went through to figure out kidney-friendly eating.

I pay it forward in many ways.

  • I donate to the American Kidney Fund

  • Provide my program for free to those in need

  • Volunteer to help dietitians troubleshoot client issues

  • Provide free food guidance to organizations hosting kidney patient events

  • A portion of all book proceeds goes to American Kidney Fund because I believe in supporting their mission to help CKD patients with costs.

I hope this answers your question and you can understand why I do charge a fee. And if you feel this is something that should be covered by insurance and mandatory for all kidney patients, please! Run to your doctor and/or insurance company and tell them you want it covered. Let’s pester them about it until they are willing to work with me.

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Linda Blaylock

Linda is a Chef honors graduate of Aguste Escoffier Culinary School. ISSA® Certified Nutritionist, Certified Kidney Health Coach, Author, educational instructor, and caregiver to her husband with stage 3 kidney disease.

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A portion of all book proceeds are donated to American Kidney Fund. Linda also donates to Puerto Rico Rise Up.

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