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Meet Linda

Kidney diet & nutrition specialist

Linda is a Chef honors graduate of Aguste Escoffier Culinary School. ISSA® Certified Nutritionist, Certified Kidney Health Coach, Author, educational instructor, and caregiver to her husband with stage 3 kidney disease.

She was a culinary consultant for American Kidney Fund®, and many of her recipes are available on their Kidney Kitchen® website; she also provided cooking demos, webinars, and educational content for their blog.

She has also taught educational classes in her local area, oversees online support groups, and does informational guest spots and cooking demonstrations for medical professionals wanting to learn more about the method and recommend it to patients.

She has done cooking demonstrations for the National Kidney Foundation®. She has been in Culinary Entrepreneurs® magazine and has worked with dieticians to further a client’s kidney diet success.

My Story

When her husband received his diagnosis, she was graduating from college in business management and prepping a business plan to open a clinic with friends. The demands of trying to figure out how to “save” her husband were immense. She had to (heartbreakingly) go to the group and tell them she was out. She felt she needed to put 100% of her time into solving the CKD puzzle.

They struggled with his diet, and he despised being told he could not have foods he treasured. This sparked a determination in her to figure out how to allow him to have them once again. She truly believed there had to be a way to work with any food. (She was right)

So, within a week of graduating, she turned around and went to culinary school, then followed that with nutrition. The entire time, she was devoted to finding the answers and applying all she was learning to how it fits with CKD.

It took her five years, but thankfully she had been blessed with the ability to focus solely on it and to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right education, opportunities, and the right circumstances to find every vital answer.

In 2020, CKD Culinary Consulting was born and bringing forth The How to Eat for CKD Method™ program! The then-budding entrepreneur knew there was a need for a clear, reliable method to free kidney patients from their confusion, show them how to have their favorite foods, more variety, give them a simplified process, and show them how to successfully build their personalized kidney diet and lifestyle.

After years of painstakingly assembling the program, she brought it forward to help others.

Her husband’s lab numbers have remained stable all these years, although, his pants size did go up from all the amazingly tasty foods.

Linda Blaylock
Linda Blaylock

We love attending Renaissance Fairs, can ya tell?


Linda enjoys exploring unfamiliar cuisines, adapting them, and finding historical recipes to CKD-ify™ and improve. Her ongoing passion is adapting Caribbean meals.

She lives in Minneapolis with her pet bearded dragons, her chubby cat, Butters Karen (some of you will get that reference), and her husband.

When she isn’t creating recipes, overseeing her program and groups, researching new products, creating or perfecting recipes, keeping up with the latest CKD news, supporting her clients, or working on her cookbooks…

You will find her gathering with family as often as possible, playing a Pathfinder® card game with her husband and/or friends, frequenting Renaissance Fairs, reading about Native American or Viking history, physics, philosophy, historical cooking, binge-watching El Reencuentro Menudo videos online, snuggling her dragons while watching Miranda, Living Single, Jane the Virgin & Gilmore Girls reruns, historical dramas, Ghost Adventures, Top Chef, and Guy’s Grocery Games with her husband.

She is also co-owner of a business with her daughter.

A portion of all book proceeds are donated to American Kidney Fund.

Linda also donates to Puerto Rico Rise Up.

She is also a supporter for finding a cure for Lipedema

(Which she and generations of her family suffer(ed) from)

The real me.

A portion of all book proceeds are donated to American Kidney Fund. Linda also donates to Puerto Rico Rise Up.

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