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  • THIS is WHAT you can EAT.

  • This is WHERE you FIND most comprehensive, categorized, real-world-use food LISTS.

  • This is HOW to LOWER your NUTRIENTS, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, protein, carbs, fluids, and creatinine.

  • This is WHAT PREVENTS you from falling for common and frequent PROGRESSION-INDUCING TRAPS.

  • This is WHERE conflicting INFORMATION is CLARIFIED.

  • This is WHERE we help you CREATE a kidney diet MEAL PLAN for you.

  • This is HOW you are going to LOVE your KIDNEY diet for LIFE.

  • This is where you are going to learn how to tailor your diet to your unique needs in only SIX WEEKS!

"You will not find this level of complete information anywhere else."

  • What you've learned as healthy eating doesn't work for CKD. Instead, learn Healthy CKD eating.

  • Avoid the common progression-inducing traps.

  • Help slow or stop progression.

  • Continue to enjoy meat, beans, dairy, whole grains, or any other food you've been mistakenly told to avoid.

  • Safely execute an alternative kidney diet like vegan, low carb, nondairy, gluten, free, vegetarian, etc.

  • Safely eat for CKD AND your other health issues.

  • Focus on the top foods that work for you.

  • Simplify food tracking and only do it once per week.

  • Get access to the largest and most comprehensive food lists available today.

The Statistical Realities of Dialysis

Within the first 5 years of dialysis,

the survival rate is about 50%  

The FIRST YEAR of dialysis

has the highest mortality rate, about 30%.  

Yes, that means of the 50% survival rate within the first five years,

30% of them die within that first year.

Stop right here and take that in. I’ll wait.  

For a trickle of salt on that wound…

90% of those on dialysis will eventually develop anemia.

Are you ready to face those odds?

This is the ONLY program available, created by a nutritionist and chef, that will help you to set up a safe kidney diet based on your unique needs, and will be there to help you manage it for life.

These Red Flag Words Mean Progression.

If you see these in a description, RUN.

  • cure

  • heal

  • reverse or repair

  • flush or detox

  • supplements

  • vitamins

  • herbs

  • teas

  • ancient remedies

  • science

  • (preset) meal plan

  • fix your gut

  • yoga or meditation

  • etc.

Did You Know?

Your nutritional needs are determined by:

your stage / GFR

your labs

health issues

activity levels



Information & recipes are geared for stage 3.

the largest group!

Stage 3 has a wide nutritional gap.

Lower stage 3b cannot eat the same as upper stage 3a.

Under or Over consuming nutrients will lead to:

New health issues


Top Questions & Struggles

  • what can I eat for kidney disease (CKD)

  • eating for kidney disease and diabetes

  • how to lower phosphorus, potassium, protein, salt, creatinine

  • conflicting information or lack of information

  • kidney disease diet recipes

  • meal planning for kidney disease

  • understanding food restrictions

  • trouble sticking to a kidney diet

  • vegan CKD

  • meat, dairy, whole grains, or beans with kidney disease

  • sweets and desserts with kidney disease

  • CKD breakfasts options

  • foods to avoid with kidney disease

  • can I repair my kidneys

  • non-conflicting safe food lists

  • kidney disease diet or a stage 3 meal plan

  • eating CKD healthy


Is all it will take to get you on track.

What will your kidney diet look like in six weeks if you continue to do it alone?

This is the only proven way to quickly, safely, and successfully manage your personalized kidney diet. Don't waste your time anywhere else.

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"My eGFR was 18.

I purchased her books, learned from them, and followed her advice. I watched her YouTube videos and watched her classroom when I could.

I have to tell you my eGFR is now 32!

This woman is really here to help! She really cares and wants to help us Kidney Warriors.

Thank you so much. Linda, you are the Best!”

Say goodbye to conflicting information and the overwhelming flood of harmful advice you find on the internet.

You need a personalized meal plan and expert guidance that brings ease to managing your kidney health.

I am a certified nutritionist, chef, and kidney health coach, and I am living the CKD life.

I am passionate about helping you overcome kidney health challenges and understand how to successfully manage this diet quickly and easily.


The kidney diet is highly individualized. It's all about finding what works best for YOU.

“There simply isn’t anything else available that not only supplies you with such complete information but also walks you easily through the process of building your customized kidney diet which you can effortlessly manage and enjoy for life."

"This is the perfect personalized solution for starting and maintaining a kidney-friendly diet.

You are the only one that is giving out the information that all Kidney patients are looking for. Thanks!"


is this different

  • We concentrate on your unique situation.

  • We listen to what you need and want and help you develop a safe diet.

  • We include your other health issues, food dislikes or allergies, and even alternative diets such as vegan, lower carb, etc.

  • You can opt for the book, the online program, and if desired, attend the weekly classes for live instruction and guidance.

  • Access to ongoing support to get your questions answered and dilemmas resolved.

is this the right answer for me

  • Tailored Approach: our program is highly individualized.

  • Comprehensive Guidance: anchor and solidify your kidney diet for life.

  • Chef’s Secrets: improve meals and maximize nutrition.

  • Practical Solutions: easy management of your kidney diet.

  • Empowerment: the essential knowledge and tools.

  • Variety and Enjoyment: variety and enjoyment of meals.

  • Support and Community: supportive community and resources.

Should I Consider this over others

  • CKD Meal Planning: Tailored to your specific dietary needs and preferences.

  • Calculating Your Personalized Base Guideline Meal and Snack Numbers: Ensuring you maximize your nutrition and safely eat within your limitations.

  • Enjoying Your Favorite Meals and Foods Safely: Finding ways to enjoy your favorite foods without compromising your health.

  • Top Foods for Your Situation: Identifying the best foods to include in your diet.

  • Tweaking Recipes to Fit Your Needs: Modifying recipes to suit your dietary requirements.

  • Culinary Tips to Boost Flavor Without Salt: Enhancing the taste of your meals.

  • Reading Labels and Finding Missing Nutritional Information: Making informed choices at the grocery store.

  • Avoiding the Recipe Reliance Trap and Other Common Progression-Inducing Traps: Navigating common pitfalls.

  • Ongoing Support: Access to a supportive community and resources to help you stay motivated and on track.

"This is the best information I have received for my kidney disease in the past 30 years.

If I had this back then I may not have had to get my kidney transplant yet. Now I just hope to keep my new kidney as long as possible! Again, thank you.”

Yes, these are fun AI pics of me!

I would LOVE to have that hair.

About Linda

As a nutritionist, Linda understands food.

As a kidney health coach, she understands the kidney diet.

As a chef, she understands how to bring amazing flavors without salt, incorporate variety, and CKD-ify™ your favorite meals.

As a caregiver, she understands daily CKD living and eating firsthand.

Linda possesses invaluable insights, tips, strategies, and a step-by-step process to achieve success in maintaining a kidney diet.
She has an unparalleled understanding of the trials, challenges, traps, and difficulties of the CKD Diet and how to ensure you avoid them.

Linda understands that successfully following the kidney diet goes beyond just having knowledge and food recommendations.

She provides assistance in cooking and meal preparation, such as finding alternatives to salt, creating flavor, adjusting recipes for specific nutritional needs or allergies, and even navigating special occasions when you want to indulge, like holidays, or you know, Wednesdays!

FREE Guides!

CKD Myths Busted Guide

Food Expirations Guide

CKD Holiday Eating Guide

These guides are a sliver of the information you will receive within the program/book.

A portion of all book proceeds are donated to American Kidney Fund. Linda also donates to Puerto Rico Rise Up.

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